Quick-Change System to save time and money

Save time and money with the Quick-Change System

The Quick-Change System (QCS), refined by our experts, based on the machinery of well-known manufacturers such as HASCO, Meusburger and Strack and employed in our workshop, addresses our customers’ need for a high level of flexibility in production, without compromising on other benefits like fast delivery times.

Unlike conventional moulds, the QCS consists of a master mould, into which the mould cartridge can be inserted.

You benefit from cost savings on the mother mould, which needs to be purchased only once.

This means that only one mould mount is required for up to 5 cartridges, bringing material savings and a quick turnaround time.

Ideal for pre-production models or as a prototype tool, the tooling system is available in 3 different sizes with clamping forces from 50 – 160 tonnes.


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