Construction & Design

Construction & design

Our experts use their many years of experience to develop your plastic products according to your requirements and specifications, using modern CAD computer systems.

We consider a variety of options to simplify your project and minimise its cost, and select the most appropriate plastic material for a production-ready design.

So you benefit from our 48 years of design and production expertise.

Our accurate 3D modelling can give you an idea of how your finished plastic products will look during the planning and construction phase.


Prototyping before tooling

To confirm a component’s suitability for production before tooling, it makes sense to prepare a number of prototypes.

We can produce many plastic injection moulded components as prototypes with our 3D printers, allowing you to see what your finished plastic product will look like, and even incorporate corrections or improvements, before the mould is made.

CAD designs of all formats can of course be recorded in our system.

Idea support

Transforming your idea into a workable design for the finished plastic product.


We simulate the flow behavior of the plastic in the injection mould using the latest 3D CAD computer systems.

Design consulting

We advise you during the design process and transform your concepts and ideas into 3D representations to ensure that your plastic product optimally fulfills its function and is suitable for production by injection.


Prototyping your desired plastic product.

All file formats

We accept your designs in all major file formats.
A secure FTP server is at your disposal for secure file transfer.

Flow analysis

Using flow calculations and simulations to analyse your plastic product, our engineers work with optimum efficiency by calculating the physical behavior of individual plastic injection components or whole assemblies during the development phase. This saves you from conducting a series of expensive tests.

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