Plastics processing and mould-making

Manufacturing of precision plastic products and precision moulds

Manufacturing of precision plastic products and precision moulds

We produce plastic injection moulded products in all shapes and colours and in all major engineering thermoplastics, using only the most state-of-the-art  machines – quickly, cheaply and to the highest quality.

As a producer of injection moulded plastic parts for clients including German automobile manufacturers, the aviation industry and medical technology companies, we have the expertise and the technical equipment to work with the utmost precision and to the highest quality standards.


All under one roof

Our goal is to manufacture your plastic injection moulded products in the shortest time, for an attractive price and to the quality you expect.

In our initial discussions we will examine how best to implement your product ideas according to your quality standards, in order to make a preliminary decision on the project’s feasibility and prepare a quote.

We have brought our team of experts, our tool-making facility and our modern injection moulding workshop together under one roof.

Construction & design


According to your requirements and specifications, our experts use their many years of experience to design your 2D or 3D plastic injection moulded parts with the highest precision.

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Tooling & mould-making


To complete the production chain, the plastic injection moulds are manufactured in our own facility using the latest computer-controlled machine tools from renowned manufacturers, from the lightest weight up to 5 tonnes.

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Save time and money on your injection moulds with our Quick-Change System, refined and manufactured exclusively by us.

This sophisticated and highly cost-effective system is manufactured for, among others, the   University of Hamburg, as well as for plastics manufacturers, laboratories and compounders. It is manufactured in our own workshop.

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Injection mould production


Using the latest generation of computer-controlled plastic injection moulding machines with clamp forces of 10 – 500 tonnes, as well as our micro-injection moulding machines, we can produce injection moulded parts from any thermoplastic material and in any colour, weighing from 1 – 3,000 grams.

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Contact us now for a quote or a consultation for your plastic injection moulding project.

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